Wednesday, August 22, 2007

rain updates

The trails on the east side of Anchorage are getting pretty muddy with all the rain falling lately. Must be August.

Trails like Rover's Run (Mellen's Way) are mighty sloppy now, so steer clear or use your fenders and slow down to ride through the middle of the puddles - we don't need those trails to get any wider, do we? I guess the more heavily-modified, gravel-surface trails will be a better way to go for a while... um, until things freeze over, but I'm far from ready for that right now.

And, just to fully disclose, I was off the bike for a couple weeks due to a little hand surgery... no, not carpal tunnel... but finally got back on the bike this past Sunday to ride into work. The Moose Track Trail on the Campbell Tract was dry, but most of my route was paved, so most of my trail info relies on other folks... I saw their bikes!

I hear the trails at Kincaid Park are slippery - due to wet grass and the green mossy slime that grows on the hardpacked dirt tread of the trails. Lower that tire pressure & watch your cornering!

I'm going to ride part of the Powerline trail, but will have my eye toward the berry bushes too. That's the part of August I like.