Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tree clearing near Tour of Anchorage trail

A few people have asked me lately about the trees being cut down near the Tour of Anchorage (Old Rondy) multi-use trail that runs between Tudor Road and Far North Bicentennial Park. What's going on?

Well, as we continue to get used to the newly-named "Elmore Road," on the east side, now get ready for East 48th. This new road will go west to east between Elmore and Boniface, where the new stoplight is just south of the Tudor/Elmore intersection.

The road is supposed to entice more people to use Boniface. It will follow the alignment of the new water line that is being installed for the local water utility to get more water to S. Anchorage. So, what does this mean for trail users?

This winter, it means tree cutting and excavation to put in the water line in phases. It means there will be damage to trails, some of which will eventually have to be rerouted to make way for the road. It may mean more disruption of events.

It's a shame this is being done the way it is. The Campbell Creek Trail was put in not more than 5 or 6 years ago and now parts of it will be realigned. Meaning more wetland fill, more paving and a path that will go from being a greenbelt trail to a streetside path. But the wheels are in motion and most of them are on automobiles. I hope there will be bike lanes, though it isn't guaranteed.

Here's a site for the Anchorage Citizens Coalition which encourages responsible land-use:

This is the site for the engineering firm that is planning the road:
Go to "Documents/Reports" then scroll down to get the trails report and maps.

Stay tuned and get involved.