Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trails in town dry and open

I've been riding around the Campbell Tract lately, partly on my commute, but also with the Alaska Dirt Divas. Things are dry, getting dusty even, on the hardened trails. When I checked out Rover's Run (aka Mellen's Way) and Moose Meadow last week, there were still some muddy spots. I've since heard they're both in fine shape.

Kincaid trails, according to folks who've been riding on the west side, are dry also. It doesn't feel like June - I mean, I'm still wearing my long-sleeve jerseys - but the page on the calendar has turned. And with the new, lightest month of the year, biking and other activities are really picking up in Anchorage. There are lots of folks on the trails now. Lots of wildlife too.

One day while biking to work my husband saw a hat-trick of Alaska wildlife: A moose, a coyote and a mother bear with two cubs. Probably in a span of under two miles. The creatures are out there and are very active this time of year. Keep your eyes open and make some noise.